AgeCostCWELCC discount (52.75%)Parent due
Infant (10-17 months)$1875$989.06$885.94
Toddler (18 months-2.4 yrs)$1750$923.13$826.88
Preschool (2.5+)$1725$909.94$815.06
3 full days$1275$672.56$602.44
2 full days$1075$567.06$507.94
5 full mornings$800$422.00$378.00
3 mornings$700$369.25$330.75
2 mornings$625$329.69$295.31
Registration Fee$100$52.75$47.25
Re-Registration Fee5026.3823.63
*Non base fees include annual $100.00 registration fee $125 July and August summer extra curricular activity fee.


Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care Program 

As of November 1st, Chabad of Midtown has enrolled in the Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care Program (CWELCC).

Additionally, as of December 2022 refunded all parents 25% who were enrolled with Chabad of Midtown between the months of April and December 2022.

As of January 1, 2023, Chabad of Midtown has lowered their fees by 52.75% effective immediately and will continue to be enrolled in the CWELCC.